Follower of No Separation

A poem on the space steeped in silence, beyond and before.

Deborah McNamara
1 min readNov 30, 2020


Photo: Deborah McNamara (Thermopolis, Wyoming)

Be a follower of
“no separation”
not this nor that,
here nor there.

Weave between traditions and practices
like a mendicant in search of a holy light
which is always

No separation: seamless living with what arises,
going with a flow,
rooted in present moment,
being in a state of love
and not just in mind or heart
but full body
extending into an ether of oneness.

No separation: quiet gaze understanding
common heart of wisdom
swimming beneath all disputes and orthodoxies.
Soft wind blowing leaves,
reminder of cycle of life
which transcends words.

No separation: the space beyond and before,
the space steeped in silence
like hot cup of tea:
burns but delicious,
a drink to be savored,
a holy gift:
just like human life with all its complex flavors
unfurling into
(some call God).



Deborah McNamara

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